Sound and in Peace

Happy, cheerful and ecstatic
That’s how one would describe her
With eyes that are very dramatic
Oh she’s beautiful, no one would differ

Teachers love her, that’s for sure
She possess every quality, with which one can lure
She’s everything, bright, intelligent and savvy
In short, everything for which one has to envy

Most popular kid of the school,

That’s no doubt

Never misses on schedules,

Works with no halt


Everyone is bound to love her

That’s what you think

Dark is her past, fate and life

Thoughts fly off in a wink


As usual, for school she leaves

Down with a sense of grief

In the campus, Rinngg… She hurries

Face changes, with a smile in a brief


Oh make up! Such a wonderful tool

Covers flaws up

Oh so beautiful!

Deep inside, is the bitter truth


She reaches home all tired,

Goes back to her dull old tone

This is not how she was wired

People all around, yet, she was all alone


She goes to sleep

Sound and in peace

The heart that is clustered with emotions

Sleep does not come in ease


She woke up

Emotionally dead

She tried covering it up

Couldn’t, she went ahead


Never was anything the same for her

Nor did she feel it could be

Monsters from within, tearing her apart and crushing her

Flashes of all the things she did not want to see


Incidents happened, one over the other

Isolated she was, no one seemed to bother


“Oh she’s just sad, she’ll be alright”

“Attention seeking drama queen”

She did hear them all right

She felt bleeding in and out, from her cells to her spine


She goes to sleep

Sound, but not in peace

Her monsters laughing at her every leap

Frightened she woke up, it all came to a cease


“Will I ever be loved?

Will I ever be cared?

Will the torturous trauma ever come to a stand?”

She cried as she lost all hope, the only thing she had


A moving dead corpse

A body with no soul

Heart beating fast in fear, like a racing horse

Inside her, just one big hole]]


She kept everything trapped in her.

The past for her is not just any bygone

All crumbled, giving it back in a blur

And she refused to let it out to anyone



She goes to sleep

Neither was she calmed, nor was she in peace

Her neurons stretch with emotions taking every leap

It went out of hand, to bring it to cease



Pain and agony clutches her tight

Tired of choking she loses her mind

Her eyes move from left to right

If only she could unwind



A hurricane storms inside her

Silence, not a single murmur

She’s lost and drifted probably forever

Like a volcano, she erupts in tears,one, two, three and another



She wants to sleep

Sound and in peace

This time forever

To let her pain cease




Pills pop in

Her neurons go fast

Heartbeat goes down

And she fell down at last



She goes to sleep

Sound and in peace

All her pain comes to a cease

Chaos and trouble kept aside

Towards heaven, her soul shall stride

– Gayathri Krishnaraj

Image Source: Astranat(DeviantArt)

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