An Open Letter to You

Dear You,

How are you? How are you holding up? I know it’s hard… I also know that it took you great courage to have come this far. I am so proud of you, I appreciate the part where you decided to not give up and fight this battle yourself.

Remember, you are so loved. We love you as an individual; for whom and what you are on the inside. We love you so much that we won’t give up on you. We will fight this together until the end, together.

Remember this,
“I am here.”
“I am not going to leave you.”
“Everything is okay.”
“I’m going to protect you with all my heart”
“I believe in you.”
“Hear my heartbeat? Just focus on it.”
“You’ll be alright; no one can hurt you now.”
“You’re not going to lose me.”
“I love you to the moon and back.”
“I will stay right here, okay?”
“Just breathe. “
“I’m okay, you are okay, and we’re okay.”
“You mean the world to me.”
“I don’t care what they think, to me, you are perfect.”
“If ever you want to talk about it, I am right here. “

Depression is not the end of the world and it won’t end your world, there are so many people around to help you out and get you back into shape. Don’t lose hope, because that’s what keeps us going forever.


Yours beloved.

–  By Kirthana Ravi

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