LonePack partners with Dunzo for LonePack Letters 2019

The new year is upon us and what better way to start off the next year than with an exciting announcement from our camp here at LonePack? We are very proud to unveil the start of our biggest campaign—The LonePack Letters.

LonePack Letters was started with the belief that something as small as a kind note with a few words could have the power to turn the worst of days into a better one. There is a saying that strangers are friends that you just haven’t met yet and we couldn’t agree more. Even though faces remain unknown, we are all connected by the same emotions, the same struggles, the same feelings and we will always find strength in solidarity. There is something beautiful in reading words that were written by someone, somewhere with no idea who you are, yet, written with the utmost care and positivity that will no doubt, bring subtle joy to your heart. And we, at LonePack, continue to do our best to make that happen. 

With over 25 thousand letters being written and delivered from major cities such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Bhubaneshwar, we only hope to grow to the rest of the country. With so many words travelling far and wide, it is our pleasure to also introduce our delivery partner for this year’s edition of LonePack Letters—Dunzo!


Dunzo is an established company that provides 24×7 delivery services in Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. They deliver anything, anytime, anywhere and we couldn’t have found better partners to join our cause to spread joy. With Dunzo’s help, we’re sure to reach to every part of the city to surprise people with little notes of sparkling happiness to help make their day a bit better.

You can also now contribute to the campaign from anywhere in the world! LonePack letters are also now in the digital space where you can send in digital letters to us so that distance is now never a trouble to help spread positivity and joy! Head on over to our website to write your digital letter to send to us. We are also looking for active collaborators in the workspace and educational realm to help collect letters from so please do write to us if you think your organisation or institute would like to join us. We hope that this new year brings a lot more joy, a lot more self discovery and a lot more awareness to you and your mental health.

Here is wishing you and everyone you know a very Merry Christmas and a very warm New year 2020 from us at LonePack!

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