LonePack is a not-for-profit social initiative founded in response to the rising rates of depression and social anxiety among the Indian youth. Suicide is the leading cause of death among Indian youth and every ninety minutes, a teenager attempts to take his own life.
We at LonePack envision a world where the battles against issues like social anxiety and depression aren’t fought in the shadows anymore. We provide a platform for people to understand mental health better thereby empowering them to help themselves and their loved ones.
The stigma surrounding mental health issues in India is a major barrier preventing people from opening up and seeking help. The first step in breaking the stigma is by engaging in open discussion and dispelling misconceptions that cloud public perception.

Follow our fb page (www.facebook.com/lonepack) to join the movement and become part of the LonePack community. You can also write to us at (lonepackorg@gmail.com) with your queries, comments and suggestions

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