Clique management for Dummies

Remember that scene from Kung Fu Panda where Po struggles to make friends with the Furious Five and receive reactions ranging from awkwardness to hostility? Like: Does this seem to be relatable to you? Seem to strike a chord somewhere? Remember when you are about to express yourself on some topic amongst your friends only... Continue Reading →

I'm tired of standing on the outside Watching everyone smile around me Their casual conversations and laughter Draw me in as I stare longingly Leaning on that impenetrable transparent barrier Wishing I could fall in place too. I'm sick of being a fucking third wheel Unnecessary, uncalled for, useless I know I shouldn't impose but... Continue Reading →

The Light in the Woods

A battle is not without losses but a battle with yourself is always winnable, the only loss you suffer is the loss of all the drapery you hid your true self with. It is hard to decide what to say or talk about in a blog like this. A lone pack is in its very... Continue Reading →

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