Dreams to Emotions

Do you know how it feels, when you are tied on a rope, clenched tightly on your neck, pulled from both the sides and the only way you can escape is by letting one side win? Wanting both, and struggling in the middle - you're gonna choke and suffer. The struggle is hard. You eventually... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wish

  Sometimes I wish The notion about depression amidst the masses turns true Sometimes I wish I could snap out of depression as my friend urges me to Sometimes I wish My mother’s lap could heal depression like magic Sometimes I wish My mind would clear through the traffic Sometimes I wish Suicide rants weren’t... Continue Reading →

The Depression Dish

It has been one..two..three..four..five A decade of survival A public facade hiding the despair Six months of struggle Six months of rejection An ounce of words Replace what once was abundance A gallon of tears Sixty nights of fears Nine gazillion “It’s all in your mind” hoots Negligible pinch of hope Oozing In drops despite... Continue Reading →

Depression is real

Depression..... A word which is thrown about in today’s age of left leaning liberal millennialism as if it means nothing..... Does it ? I was sitting one fine evening looking at the rain pouring down, the drops smudging the dust on the windowsill, looking like tears cascading down the glass pane.....Johny Cash was crooning out... Continue Reading →

The Smile

A smile is just another kind of lie A practiced mask behind which we hide We laugh, we grin with a bright face Behind which are things we’d rather erase. It is merely another falsity A mocking oath on the altar of travesty The curve of a lip hides, more often than not, pain And... Continue Reading →


I woke up today, with an heart almost broken, Bleeding tears through every crack left open, My soul feels ice cold, and there’s voices in my head, Silently screaming all at once,I don’t know if I’m alive or if I’m dead, Everyday feels worse, I can’t keep my eyes open, Everytime I shut them down,... Continue Reading →

Sound and in Peace

Happy, cheerful and ecstatic That's how one would describe her With eyes that are very dramatic Oh she's beautiful, no one would differ Teachers love her, that's for sure She possess every quality, with which one can lure She's everything, bright, intelligent and savvy In short, everything for which one has to envy Most popular... Continue Reading →

For a Friend

What goes through people when they decide to take their own lives ? I would never know..... I have never been there. I would never want to either. But I know something else. Grief. Grief of losing someone you cared about. Grief of losing someone you wish you knew better. Grief of losing someone you... Continue Reading →

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