“You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it”.                                                                              -Robin Williams On August 11th, 3 years ago, the world lost its undisputed king of comedy and one of the greatest actors we had ever known, Robin Williams. Williams took his own life after a decade-long battle with depression and the onset... Continue Reading →


A 19 year old boy who hates talking to people because he’s so agitated all the time, crying himself to sleep every night. Even Gayatri and Kunal kind of avoid meeting him, his best friends from school. Now, obviously not being much of a people’s person, he’s a loner in college too, pursuing a course... Continue Reading →


Picture this. On prime-time reality TV, contestants are asked to “pretend” that they are physically challenged, while one among them would pretend to be a doctor. Laughter and merriment ensue as the contestants outdo each other in portraying the stereotypes associated with those with physical disabilities. A laughter riot ensues as contestants compete to come... Continue Reading →


On 20th July this year, the world bid farewell to the lead vocalist of one of the most popular bands of this generation. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park took his own life that day and he was just 41. Linkin Park is a band that is revered by people all around the world not only... Continue Reading →


New friends, new places, I was excited to move into this town! Taking in the fresh smells and new faces, Soon, school started, I walked in, full of energy I made a new friend that day, I was pretty sure we’ll be besties We went to parties, shopped together, And soon, our group grew even... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to You

Dear You, How are you? How are you holding up? I know it’s hard… I also know that it took you great courage to have come this far. I am so proud of you, I appreciate the part where you decided to not give up and fight this battle yourself. Remember, you are so loved.... Continue Reading →

The Depressions of Male Valley

Imagine a picturesque scenario. The world is fun, the society is cultured and democracy is yet to fail itself. In the midst of this utopia are human beings. Generally, they are either a man or a woman, although deviances in gender traits have been known to exist, and are often accepted. While we can talk... Continue Reading →

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