Welcome to LonePack, a community of people who are passionate about advancing the cause of mental health. It is our aim to shatter this stigma surrounding mental health. It is our dream to create a world where battles against mental health are not fought in the shadows anymore.

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LonePack was founded in response to the rising rates of depression and social anxiety among the Indian youth. We are an NGO run by a group of passionate youngsters who aim to spread awareness about mental health issues and help people dealing with the same, particularly the youth.
Who are we
We try to reach out to as many people as possible to raise awareness about mental health through various avenues including social media, blog and awareness campaigns. Simultaneously, we help those people who realize that they require assistance in fighting their daily battles but do not know where to go to.
What we do
A person isolated from the world often spirals deeper into the darkness. Most of us already know of a friend or an acquaintance who has succumbed to it.The enormity of the problem can be gauged from the fact that every ninety minutes, a teenager attempts to take his own life. We can't help but wonder, if they could have been saved if they felt they weren't alone. We believe so. Talk about your fears, engage in discussion, break those barriers and shatter the stigma.
Why we do it

LonePack Letters

"LonePack Letters" is our latest initiative which aims to spread awareness on mental health issues. As part of the initiative, we encourage people to write in letters, preferably handwritten which would bring a smile onto the faces of the people reading them. We collect these letters and after vetting them, place them at various public spaces all over the city for people to pick up and read. The envelopes would also contain a note from us highlighting the widespread nature of mental health issues and how a few words of kindness and support would go a long way.

We are reaching out to schools, colleges and other groups to be a part of this campaign.

Our Initiatives

The LonePack Blog

To reach out to as many people as possible and to raise awareness about mental health, we started the LonePack blog. Through Q&A answered by professional psychologists and by sharing content & art by people who have gone through stress, anxiety and abuse, we aim to encourage a discussion to bring mental health issues out of the closet. Over time, our blog has featured articles on a diverse range of issues regarding mental health, all written by people of our budding community!

The Wall of Positvity

For World Suicide Prevention Day, 2016 - we encouraged people on social media to write anything that they would want to hear in case they were going through a tough time. And the responses overwhelmed us!

LonePack Buddy

LonePack Buddy enables people who need someone to talk, to reach out to our volunteers about their problems while not revealing their identity. To reach out, all you need to do is to send a mail to lonepackbuddy@gmail.com. The mails that you send are assigned a number automatically and is sent to one of our volunteers with no indication of your mail ID. If ever you feel like you need someone to reach out to, drop a mail to lonepackbuddy@gmail.com .


Open Sky Slam

Open Sky Slam

Doodle - O -Drama

Doodle - O - Drama

LonePack in the News

Talking about the event that was held in collaboration with the NGO LonePack, Gayatri said, “The idea is to find a receptive, conducive audience to highlight issues and share talent. With this month’s theme being mental health awareness, we want to do away with taboos and the general perception about mental health.”

- The Hindu MetroPlus

Inspiration often comes from the most ironic sources ... or in this case, letters from strangers. LonePack, a non-profit organization has started a LonePack letters campaign.... "We want people to be empathetic and supportive to anyone going through depression"

- The New Indian Express

... a city-based group is trying to reach out to these people by handing them a letter with an encouraging word - not from a professional counsellor, but from children they've never met. ... LonePack a forum started by a group of engineering graduates to create awareness on mental health issues among youth ...

- Times of India

... depression, anxiety and even suicide were a recurring theme among many poets and performers. So, the current edition of the multi-city event will be on mental health, to encourage people to speak up about it. ... their partner NGO LonePack, which works on spreading awareness about mental health issues.

- The NEWS Minute

A vibrant group of people sit around chatting up in an office space but anyone watching them could never guess that each of them had a story of depression or mental health to share. ... "Since September is mental health awareness month, we wanted to focus on this aspect. We have also tied up with the NGO Lonepack,"

- Times of India

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us with feedback, suggestions and questions at lonepackorg@gmail.com. Or message our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lonepack/. We would love to hear from you! In case you have any queries to ask our resident psychiatrist, you can use this form If you would like to contribute articles to blog, mail it to us at lonepackorg@gmail.com or submit anonymously through this form

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