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The Silent Crisis

There is no right way to begin talking about something like this. And that is exactly why it should be talked about; because conversations surrounding mental health issues are uncomfortable, need vulnerability and most importantly take a damning amount of courage.

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Self Care for Caregivers

Mental health can be affected by being in stress-inducing situations for a long time. A significant bunch of folks navigating this journey are those who are diligently tending to their loved ones facing health challenges.These could be parents, grandparents, partners or anyone else. When loved ones are going through illnesses that affect their ability toContinue reading “Self Care for Caregivers”

The Survivor’s Guide to Life

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Suicide, Self-harm, Depression, Anxiety My first attempt at taking my life happened when I was 13; I took 26 sleeping pills, two for each year I had existed uselessly. Now, which part of the above sentence strikes you the most, dear reader? The fact that it was a suicide attempt, orContinue reading “The Survivor’s Guide to Life”

LonePack journey

LonePack: The Journey So Far

What is the most resilient thing in the world? An idea whose time has come They say that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. LonePack’s started with something much more abstract – a deep, almost desperate need to bring about change.  Oh no, we’re not talking about enacting change onContinue reading “LonePack: The Journey So Far”

LonePack Conversations – The Alternative Therapy Series: Expressive Arts Therapy ft. Avantika Malhautra

Throughout our journey in Season 2, we’ve introduced ourselves to and explored various alternative means of therapy that can aid our mental health and help us express ourselves better. Also follow us on:Apple PodcastsSoundCloud Valerie- Welcome to LonePack Conversations! I’m Valerie.  Today we’re talking to Avantika Malhautra, a psychologist and registered Expressive Arts Therapist. She’sContinue reading “LonePack Conversations – The Alternative Therapy Series: Expressive Arts Therapy ft. Avantika Malhautra”


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