LonePack Conversations- Mindfulness and honing one’s craft ft. Krishna Trilok

While the word categorizes writers as people who seek loneliness and silence, it fails to see them as they truly are- a diverse group of individuals, who have mastery over the most powerful human sense, imagination.   https://open.spotify.com/episode/11MPA8Fx0ompGAewweoBx8 Also follow us on: Apple Podcasts SoundCloud Pooja- Welcome to LonePack Conversations! I’m Pooja, your host. Today we... Continue Reading →

LonePack Conversations- The Role of the Media in Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention ft. Tanmoy Goswami

During the lockdown, we’re all confined to our homes, with the news and media being the only thing that keeps us company. However, recent developments have highlighted the responsibility that rests on our media when it comes to covering sensitive or taboo topics, such as mental health. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6CncTEHuPobtMt6Eijs672   Also follow us on: SoundCloud Valerie-... Continue Reading →

LonePack Conversations- From battling Schizophrenia to uplifting communities- A timeless journey ft. Charlene Sunkel

People with lived experiences of mental health issues work hard towards managing their everyday lives, coping with symptoms, and more significantly, dealing with stigma. It's inspiring to see how people use that experience, believe in themselves and work towards making a difference, which in turn empowers others around them. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1YGW3Kczbdgk2D900kLYqS?si=nQUtaaDRS1uU3jtnqWjq_A   Also follow us on:... Continue Reading →

The PRIDE Series: Acknowledging the self while breaking the stigma around LGBT ft. Vinay Chandran

June marks the beginning of Global Pride month. It’s been heartwarming to see how aware, receptive and supportive we have become towards the LGBTQ community in the recent past.  We’ve indeed come a long way. But somewhere deep down, we do realise that there’s still a stigma that needs to be shattered around it. https://open.spotify.com/show/4reUAn0ULrgJSBfraw77rx?si=wasq8HI7S2-mWaAyk0bI5g... Continue Reading →

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